A career across continents

Pride in working for a family owned business

In every office I’ve worked, I see real pride and a sense of responsibility in working for a family owned company.

Satya Sharma, Managing Director for South East Asia

“I’ve been with the company for almost seven years and been fortunate to work in offices around the globe,” says Satya Sharma, who moved from London to Singapore in 2015.

“In every office I’ve worked, I see real pride and a sense of responsibility in working for a family-owned company.”

As Managing Director for South East Asia, Satya is responsible for expanding our business in this diverse region of 640 million people.

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“Our team in South-East Asia of 60 is spread across six key countries and spans marketing, commercial, finance and supply chain. And while I’m based in Singapore, I spend much of my time between our offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines.”

Satya joined us in 2012 as Business Strategy and Development Manager, based in London.

From London to Singapore

After a year, he was offered the opportunity to take on an interim finance director role in Asia Pacific, where he spent nine months commuting between London and Shanghai. Four more roles in the Region and the UK followed before he decided to make the permanent move to South East Asia with his wife.

“My journey to Managing Director in South East Asia has been quite fluid,” he adds. “I’d be lying if I said I’d carefully planned every step. I’ve grasped opportunities as they have arisen, and been lucky to have the support of fantastic mentors, leaders and peers.”

Satya is also participating in our General Manager Programme. “It’s giving me a unique opportunity to build relationships with a global network of peers.

“It's also helping me to take a step back and evaluate how I operate now and better understand what skills I need in the future to develop both personally and professionally.”

Satya’s advice if you're considering a location or career shift

“Grab it with both hands. It’s normal to feel nervous about where you’re going, but the life experiences will more than compensate any fears you may have as long as you treat it as an adventure and are willing to step out of your comfort zone.”

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