Diversity and Inclusion: Racial Equality

William Grant & Sons rejects all forms of racism, discrimination, abuse and hatred.

We are a company and an industry that brings people together and celebrates our differences.

We align ourselves with the principles of inclusion, equality, mutual respect, tolerance and acceptance.

As a global business we will focus on listening, learning and understanding so that we continue to play our part and build on the work we have started to create a more diverse and inclusive organisation for the long term.

While it should never have taken the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery and others before them to inspire the dialogue and the actions that have followed, we commit ourselves to use this moment as a powerful catalyst for positive change.

Over the last few weeks, across our organisation, we have started to question deeply our own place and role in fighting racism, along with other areas of discrimination, wherever it exists. Our US team has already taken a number of steps that focus on management and training actions relating to race and ethnicity and providing the resources to ensure the physical and psychological well-being of our people.

We are listening to community leaders, business colleagues, Diversity & Inclusion experts and our people to guide us on the further actions we will take – both individually and as a team – as we look to make our own mark in affecting change for the long term.