Historic journey of good fortune

Our journey of good fortune

This Chinese New Year, Glenfiddich took an historic ‘journey of good fortune’.

“Asian consumers more and more are seeking gifts with meaningful stories,” says Will Peacock, our Head of Luxury.

And with Glenfiddich’s strong heritage, history and success in the region, there knew there was a real opportunity to tell our Glenfiddich story in a culturally relevant way during this key sales period.

“We’re the leading single malt company in China and number two in Taiwan. Glenfiddich is critical to future success in these markets,” says Will. “We wanted to tell the mythical story of our iconic stag travelling to Asia, as Charles Gordon did in 1909.”

“To help us accurately interpret the vision, we teamed up with acclaimed Chinese artist Rion Wang,” explains Will.

Celebrating Scotland and Asia

And the result is a stunningly intricate design that celebrates Scotland and various countries in Asia.

Launched in December 2019 in seven markets, Will’s excited about watching how the campaign develops over the next three months.

“Getting to this point has only been possible thanks to the hard work of many of our colleagues across the region,” he says.

“Chinese New Year was already a big moment for us, accounting for more than 30 per cent of all luxury spirits in Greater China,” adds Will.

“This new luxury campaign helps us tap deeper into this special period in consumers’ calendars.”

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