From Dublin to Dubai

Think Long Term

It’s easy to be brave and take a chance when you have others rooting you on and wanting to see you succeed. And while I’ve worked incredibly hard to get to this point, I have also had an incredible support system to help me get here.

Leigh O'Shaughnessy, Senior Brand Manager, Dubai

It’s been a decade since Leigh O’Shaughnessy started her career with us as office manager in our newly opened office in Dublin.

In 2020, she is getting ready to move to Dubai – with her husband and young son - to take up the post of Senior Brand Manager for Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA).

Too good to miss

“When the role came up, it was just too good an opportunity to miss,” says Leigh. “So I went home, had a chat with my husband about it and we just decided to go for it.

“There were too many positives about the role itself, the location and the accompanying adventure that comes with a big move like this.”

Over her ten-year career, Leigh has moved from office manager to working first as a Global Marketing Assistant, then as an Assistant Brand Manager for Sailor Jerry and more recently as Hendrick’s Global Brand Manager.

A rich and distinctive brand

“Getting a chance to work on Hendrick’s Gin has been truly amazing as the brand world is so rich and distinctive,” adds Leigh.

“My favourite thing about the role has been having the freedom to create, think outside the box and put my stamp on things such as Hendrick’s gift packs and point of sale.”

Leigh and Lesley

In her new role, Leigh’s focus will change from one brand to our whole portfolio of brands.

“I’m really looking forward to have the chance to work across all of our brands. The marketing principles of the role are still very similar in terms of developing and implementing disruptive plans across markets in the Middle East and Africa. I’ll be acting as a link between our local and global teams, and it’s very exciting!”

Plenty of support at work and at home

On the move from Dublin to Dubai, Leigh says she has made big moves on her own before, but never with her family. “It’s very exciting, but also slightly daunting.”

“There’s a lot more to think about this time around and my number one priority is making sure my son is settled and happy throughout this process. My husband has been wonderful and all of our family and friends have been really supportive.”

And Leigh says the support she has had throughout this process has been incredible.

“It’s easy to be brave and take a chance when you have others rooting you on and wanting to see you succeed. And while I’ve worked incredibly hard to get to this point, I have also had an amazing support system to help me get here.”

“We have so many fantastic brands and getting the chance to work on them is incredible, but it’s also the people here. So many amazing people work throughout the business and they’re so passionate about our brands and continuing that legacy.

“There’s a real sense of belonging and being valued for what you bring to the table. The camaraderie of the Dublin office in particular is special; the mix of people, the way we support each other, the fun we have and the family feel we have created is brilliant.”

As she reflects on her role working for Hendrick’s Gin, Leigh says her stand-out moment came in 2018.

hendricks distillery banner

“When the Hendrick’s Gin Palace was built in 2018, it was very special. It truly is a place of magic and so beautiful that it never gets old when you step inside.”

And as she considers the future and the next part of her adventure she wants to keep pushing herself out her comfort zone.

“My ambition for myself is to enjoy the now, continue to push myself out of my comfort zone, keep learning, work hard and maintain an open mind on what could be next.”

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