A home where rare characters thrive

Think Long Term

Building strong teams and a distinctive culture across EMEA

This truly is a home where rare characters thrive. I am fortunate to feel a deep sense of belonging that I hope to pay forward to the incredible teams I support.

Sukh Bansel, Head of HR, EMEA

“My approach to life and work was forged as a child, my values ground me and I stay fiercely true to them” says Sukh Bansel, our Head of HR for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

“I’m proud to be from a second generation immigrant family. I watched my parents build roots in the UK and I was inspired by their tenacity, compassion and resilience to build a brighter future for our family. I adopted their work ethic, desire to see the world and optimism that anything is possible.”

Sukh, who’s lived in the UK, New York and Mexico, travelled to over 35 countries and launched businesses into new markets over her career, says she has found her home with us. 

“This truly is a home where rare characters thrive and I am fortunate to feel a deep sense of belonging which I hope to pay forward to the incredible teams I support."

“Our culture sets us apart from competitors and unites us when things get tough.”

Our values act as our compass

In our global business - and EMEA - we offer a blank canvas for individuals to create their own legacy.

“We’re a values-driven company,” explains Sukh, “and by that I mean that our values act as our compass as we make decisions big and small. They empower us, allow us to be agile, creative and entrepreneurial and guide us to do the right thing. 

“In this company, you are listened to, your ideas are respected and you have the freedom to work with a pioneering spirit - to deliver your job within the framework but with a sense of creativity.

“We focus on strong results and are building high-performing teams – but we have fun along the way and love to celebrate our successes, too.”

Building our business in EMEA

“Our EMEA is a diverse, fast-paced and complex region, with 116 markets and 18 legal frameworks. Every day stretches me in a new way," adds Sukh.

"I love leveraging my academic background in law and experience of managing global markets across the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific to navigate quickly, confidently and with an appreciation of diversity and the strength it brings.”

Sukh and her team have a pivotal role as we build our business across the EMEA region. And in 2020, that’s exactly what we’re doing in Germany with WG&S Deutschland.

“Our country Managing Directors are our technical experts. But it’s our job to work beside them to recruit the right people for the long term.

“We recruit in line with our values. We know who we are, and who we’re not.  We want to find, hire and retain amazing talent. It's our job to create the right environment for people to shine and grow alongside the business.”

How we think long term

Thinking Long Term is one of our six values – and our commitment to setting up a wholly owned distribution company in Germany is a great example of how we are staying true to our values.

“It’s incredible to part of the company’s expansion across EMEA – one of the most inspiring regions in the world.

 “We believe, and have always believed, in investing for the long term and we think in generations, not quarters." 

We are currently recruiting for a range of roles in our WG&S Deutschland team

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