A good culture and many opportunities

You never feel disconnected in this company

Every day here there’s something new here: new work, new home, new people – and new weather!

“You never feel disconnected in this company as there’s a good culture where colleagues are willing to give you opportunities,” says Sean Wiemann who moved from Dublin to Singapore in 2019.

“Even when you’re geographically far away from people, you still feel linked.”

After working with, launching, and nurturing a selection brands across global markets in our Innovation team, Sean’s now part of the Global Monkey Shoulder team in South East Asia.

An incredible and rewarding move

“It’s not just a change in work, but it’s personally life-changing too,” he adds. “It’s a different culture and a different perspective on life itself and I’m finding it incredible and so rewarding.” 

Sean joined us in 2015 as a brand manager in our Innovation team based in Dublin. When he was there, he worked on Ailsa Bay and launched our new brand Aerstone and then decided he’d like to expand his horizons.

“The chance came up to take on a marketing position in Asia with the Monkey Shoulder team, and it felt like a really exciting opportunity,” he adds.
Monkey Shoulder’s still a smaller brand in Asia at the moment, but it’s growing into an emerging market and Sean says it’s great time to be working and growing the brand.

“I’ve got eight separate markets, eight separate teams, eight separate cultures and eight languages, and they’re all developing and opening up opportunities for our brands and for our company. No two days are ever the same!”

Try taking a different perspective

And if you’re thinking about re-locating for your career, Sean’s advice is try it at least once, just to find out what it’s like.
“It’s not for everyone,” he reflects, “but if you have a desire for a different perspective you should try it.

“Every day here there’s something new here: new work, new home, new people – and new weather! You’d be surprised, but you do miss a bit of rain.”

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