Stop Hate for Profit boycott | update


William Grant & Sons joined the Stop Hate for Profit boycott in July 2020, when our brands stopped all paid activity globally on Facebook and Instagram.

Like other businesses around the world who joined the boycott, our aim was to put commercial pressure on Facebook to stop online hate and extremism on its platform.

We are pleased to see that significant progress has been made. Facebook has actively engaged with key bodies led by the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM), and has made important commitments in the following areas:

1. Commitment to improving Facebook’s 89% Community Enforcement Rate – this is the amount of harmful content detected and removed by their AI systems, before being reported by someone to Facebook. This will be primarily delivered by deploying more content reviewers and enhancing its AI matching technology to improve content identification.

2. Collaboration with GARM in the application of its Brand Safety Framework to the platform. 

3. Commitment to Third Party Auditing of their Community Safe report. 

Based on the progress made to date, and Facebook’s commitment to partner with the leading bodies in this area to continue to improve, we have made the decision to return to work with the platform commercially.

We are confident that this is the right decision in line with our company values. 

To ensure that Facebook continues to deliver on its commitments to reduce and ultimately stop online hate and extremism on its platform, we will be regularly reviewing the status of these commitments with our partner agency Vizeum, a GARM member.